I once looked outside the window…..

I once looked outside the window of a 50 story building

And realized that the world is global and I have to be part of the global movement.

As the earth revolves around the moon, the heart beats with the same momentum

Surely it will take a leap of faith outside of my comfort zone.

A lifestyle of credit does not equate to a lifestyle of profit

Off I go on a journey to discover my place in this global movement

As I look ahead, the windscreen of the future appears foggy

However the dawn brings a new clarity and the fog slowly disappears

Sometimes I wonder What if? Why?  What could have been? Maybe, but……

The earth keeps moving and yesterday is nothing more than a vague memory

As long as your heart is beating … you can always make a difference

As long as there is a love….you can always move mountains

The new day brings more laughter, joy and a lot to be thankful for

The new journey brings an opportunity to understand the power when your knees meet with the floor

I am privileged to be a part of this amazing journey………..and hope to leave a mark

whats your story?

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